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Introduction to fractal circles

Crowd resource mining and decision-making with fractal structures

A dynamic fractal organization is a system for crowd-based information gathering, decision making, and project management. It is a way of organizing and creating group decisions that optimize efficiency and where all members are involved in the decision-making process. The system is designed to pick up the best ideas from the larger group and bring forth the most trusted people to assist and oversee the process of making the ideas become reality. With this type of structure, we can redefine the way to co-operate and create fast and efficient actions in larger organizations, corporations as well as in spontaneous groups. It can be used as a complement to current systems and eventually replace them.

One major feature of fractals is their self-similarity, meaning smaller pieces of similar attributes within the larger whole. The individual parts are working together for the common outcome. They display interdependence, relying on each other while remaining at low complexity. Fractal systems are easy to scale up to any size. In nature, fractals are everywhere to be found. In flowers and trees and in living organisms like the nervous system or immune system. This type of fractal system can be applied to a community, economy or even a society. Research shows that if you measure the efficiency of varying group sizes, the optimal group size appears to be five to seven people. In this size group there is a high level of combined knowledge and at the same time a low complexity. Adding additional members will not greatly improve the total amount of knowledge. However, additional members will significantly increase group management problems where group psychology opens up possibilities for narcissists to take control of the group.

To create a fractal organization you divide the larger group into smaller groups of five to seven people. All groups discuss and vote on a common topic and choose one person whom they trust within their group to represent their findings to the larger network. All the representatives are then again divided into small groups and the process continues until all circles are joined together and the best ideas and the most trusted people are structured in a fractal system. This organization can then act quickly in the same manner as a traditional hierarchy but with the advantage that they have good information as well as trusted representatives on all levels. This type of structure can quickly be created over and over again for each new project and will in that way be dynamic without a fixed core of power that can be corrupted over time.

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