Fractal Organization Training

We are developing a model for how to support organizations to implement fractal structures. By offering information, training, and coaching we want to contribute to the use of fractal structures. The fractal solutions can be used as a complement to traditional organizations to create more participation, inclusion and strengthen democratic values.

Support our work

Support the development of fractal circles. First of all; Share the idea with others. We offer lectures, information material, and consultations. This is the way forward!

Open Source Platform for Dynamic Fractal Organizations

We are developing a platform for Dynamic Fractal Organization. The system will give organizations a simple way to implement fractal structures into their existing organization model.

We have a beta release ready for testing. If you have experience as a developer you are welcome to connect and join the developing team.

We are also developing ideas on how to integrate the fractal system with blockchains, crypto-currencies, and local trade platforms to create a model for the local holistic economy.

We are looking for people who want to join in the development of fractal circles. We are working on an online platform that needs both voluntary work and funding. Our platform offers a way of connecting decision-making, cryptocurrencies and local trade together using decentralized block-chains. Connect with us!


We are developing several applications using fractal technology. Fractal Meet, an open-source video conference tool. Team Goal, a project management and discussion forum tool. FractalBitCoin, a gift economy crypto. WakeWoke, a social media video platform.

Check out our new project WakeWoke. A decentralized pair-2-pair video platform using true fractal democracy to share important information globally.