The fractal network has the goal of creating positive change in the world. It is a method to find a common vision and to unite the world. This is a way for people to really get heard, and for us as a group, to voice our opinion in unison.


We are developing several applications using fractal technology. Fractal Meet, an open-source video conference tool. Team Goal, a project management and discussion forum tool. FractalBitCoin, a gift economy crypto. WakeWoke, a social media video platform.

Check out our new project WakeWoke. A decentralized pair-2-pair video platform using true fractal democracy to share important information globaly.

What are Fractal Circles?


Connect with us and join our team. At this point, we need many more people who want to support the project with networking, financing, and development.

Create a fractal network

Join a Circle

You will be part of a small independent team with 6 people that share our values

Grow Organicly

With more people you create new connected circles that spread out

Create a Fractal

Representatives from 6 circles joins together in a center circle

Act in Unity

The Fractal can connect the World in a Common Vision