The Fractal Meet – video platform has been released and offered to a limited number of organizations. To take part in the launch of this revolutionary software you can connect to us and apply as a forerunner organization.

One of the forerunners is the World Freedom Alliance with thousands of members across the world. This will pose a great challenge to the system and will prove if it has what it takes to create large scale self-organizing decentralized meeting solutions.

You can read the documentation and check out the test environment.


Suport the Fractal Meet project with your donation! In Sweden you can send money using Swish to 123 668 29 00 with the message Fractal Meet. For international payments and credit cards use the donate button below. Thanks for your suport!

Join a Circle

You will be part of a small independent team with 6 people that share our values

Grow Organicly

With more people you create new connected circles that spread out

Create a Fractal

Representatives from 6 circles joins together in a center circle

Act in Unity

The Fractal can connect the World in a Common Vision

The fractal network has the goal of creating positive change in the world. It is a method to find a common vision and to unite the world. This is a way for people to really get heard, and for us as a group, to voice our opinion in unison.