It is happening. Everywhere I look I see new interesting initiatives in all areas of life. Whether it is to create ecological buildings, regenerative agriculture, natural bee farming, holistic medicine, or collaborations of free information. It is all out there wherever I look and it brings me great joy.

In times of great struggle, people are forced to question their old habits and assumptions. To cast away what is not serving us and venture for new solutions. Slowly we are waking up and opening up our eyes, washing away the sleepiness that has been fogging out minds for so long.

The old world is crumbling in front of us, but still so many cling to a distant dream of a good and easy life and with vague hopes of ample rewards. Most of us have still not breached the barrier and are stuck in the make-believe reality of the modern control society, working on its last gear to push forward its futile plan of world domination.

I predict a coming clash of beliefs where the old meets the new in a head to head confrontation. This is the next phase, and this will determine the future of generations to come. Now we need to step up to the challenge and do the one thing that the world has been crying out for since the birth of man. To unite all men and women in a global alliance for peace and freedom.

This is a crash course in military strategy, as we are in a war of thought that needs to be won by outsmarting the manipulators in their own game. Some see it, and many do not. The master plan is a plan of smokes and mirrors. Giving us false hopes, leading people away from each other, and into false doctrines.

But we do not need to fall in their traps and we do not need to answer to their false calls. We need not worry about what is true or false in a world of never-ending lies and false news bombarding us not only from the media but also from insurgents placed in all positions imaginable. We have a plan and with the guidance of higher powers we will succeed.

This is my lesson of life and the grand strategy: First: Assume that every and all people you will ever see is an infiltrator with the sole purpose to lead you astray. This is all people, with no exception. Secondly: Act as if every person you meet is your friend and join them in a common venture for world peace and harmony. This will instantly take away the effect of the evil dialectic tactics of divide and conquer and take away their greatest weapon in a flick of an eye.

But listen carefully. We shall never fall for the trick to follow anyone. Be it government and politicians or charismatic individuals and non-governmental organizations, as this is the way of the old. We shall join their causes as long as they sound good on the surface, but we shall not accept their roadmaps, which certainly will lead us back where we started, if not by design, then by dark plots of corruption and blackmail.

This is what we will do: We will organize ourselves wherever we are and whatever we do. Organize in a natural way that creates a network of networks outside of any old organizational structure. We will connect together, we the people, and create a unity that will bridge everything and interconnect everyone. This holy union will open up even the darkest plot and transform it into a vehicle of our liberation.

We will join together in a fractal system of organization. The only way that organic life actually organize itself in nature. Not from the top of the pyramid and down, but rather from the roots and up. Starting by creating a small circle of 6 people each we then connect 6 circles into a cluster, we connect 6 clusters to a supercluster. And so goes the story on until the earth is aligned and we can with a common voice take over all the structures that we are a part of and use them to create our dreams.

We will use the force of the enemy against themselves and pretend not to see their lies. Using their false promises to further our own agenda, to use their resources, and recruit their members for our own purpose. The plan is set and the clock is ticking. The divine plan has a set time. On the 22 of February, in the year 2022 we will join in an epic celebration of life. On that day we will join together on the streets worldwide and we will declare the opening of the world fractal democracy.

This will create what the elite always wanted to do, but with no strings attached. Their plan is our plan, but with the people as the leaders, we will create full transparency in all governmental activities and be the new global policymaker that will bring us into the future.

So step up and listen to your heart. You are the start of this. You are the seed that will give power to the growth of our moment. This is my calling for you. All men and women of age. Your time has come and you know what to do. Find your circle and share your dream. Prepare for the day to come. And on that day you will know what to do. This is the chance of a lifetime. Now it is up to you.

Mikael Cromsjö
27 April 2020