This is a practical and minimalistic guide on how to work with fractal organizations. The system is very flexible and dynamic, making it possible to adapt it to your needs.

In the structure, we work in circles of 5-7 people. Each circle is independent and can work on any project. In each circle, you choose a focalizer that has the role to help the circle members to keep track of the process. To create circles you can meet up or use any online group chat or conference tool.

To support the organic growth of the network each member can create new circles and invite more people to join. You can also join other circles. In this way, the circles are interconnected and information can flow horizontally through the network. It is recommended to be part of a maximum of three circles in the same network to be able to keep your focus.

When there is a need to focus and synchronize the network, It can crystalize into a fractal. The fractal is used to answer common questions. A common question is “What should be our focus?”. Each circle will then discuss the question and create a list of the most prioritized ideas. Each circle also selects a trustee from its members to present the ideas from the circle in the fractal.

The trustees from all circles then join together in new circles. They create a new list of priorities and select a new trustee. This process will continue until all circles are connected and there is only one center circle. The center circle can then propose a next-action, for example, a new question to the fractal. The summary is then propagated back out throughout the network.

The findings of the fractal can then be used to direct the next cycle of each circle. This is also a time to create new circles and release old circles that are no longer needed.