Working with fractal liquid direct democracy

Direct democracy is based on the principle that every member has the right to vote on any issue. The limitation to this system is that it requires every member to be able to spend time to study and vote on a large range of topics.

Liquid democracy solves this problem by making it possible for each member to select different representative for different set of topics while still being able to vote on any topic. The limitation on this system is that the representatives will often be chosen on the ground of personal status, populist campaigns or the ability to “buy voters”.

Fractal democracy solves this issue by nominating the representatives using the fractal method. All members will be divided into circles of 6 people each and in this circle they will nominate one member from the circle. The nominated representatives will be divided again into circles of 6 and they will continue to nominate one member from each circle. This will continue until you have a fractal hierarchy of nominated representatives for each set of topics.

Using this method all the nominees will then be able to make a presentation of their ideas and agendas. The nominees in the highest circle will start. Regular debates will also be published online. All members will then be able to study the different nominees and be able to make qualified decisions on what nominee they want to choose or vote directly.

Fractal liquid democracy can be used in any organization and also on a state level. On a state level, the representatives take the role of the parliament that makes decisions. The parliament chooses a government that will implement the decisions. This will form a mixed government.