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If you are interested in learning more about fractal circles please send an email to alf.cromsjo <at>

We offer educations for people who want to learn the method and coaching for organizations on how to apply it.

Fractal Mentor Program

We offer a basic course in the fractal circle method online. You will be part of a group and have four, one-hour conference sessions where we explain the method, give you material and answer any questions. The total cost of the education is 100 euros. We also offer discounts for not-for-profit organizations and people who want to work as mentors in exchange for the education.


With a fractal coach, we will sit down and you can explain your organization model and find ways on how to incorporate the fractal method to make your meetings and your organization more efficient. We can also help to facilitate meetings and offer personalized training for your members or employees. The cost for a coach is 80 Euro per hour.