We are proud to pressent Fractal Meet.

Fractal meet is the video conference tool that enables your organization or group to find common goals without any leaders.

The platform uses the fractal circles method to automatically create a number of “break out rooms” in several layers.

It works with any video conferance tool but is optimized for jitsi meet. The installation is as easy as drag and drop. It can be totaly self hosted and will also be avalible online on FractalCircles.org.

Fractal meet also has integrated protocols that stores all information inbetween meetings. The result from the fractal meetings will be a dynamic hierarchy of trusted people and a summary of proposals organized after importance.

From this summary new work-groups and new feactal meetings can be created to further the groups aims.

The app is avalible on all platforms soon.

Take a look at this preview from the beta platform.